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The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is a fellowship of Protestant churches.

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Cylindrical Equal-Area Projection: Peters- und McArthur Projection

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The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany

Please find general information on our vision, our principles and work contexts. If you miss details and need further clarification please don't hesitate to contact us via email . We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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The Peters’ Projection is one specialization of a configurable equal-area map projection known as the equal-area cylindric or cylindrical equal-area projection. EMW was – save for the cartographical publishing house – the sole distributer of the map in the late 20th century, when many solidarity groups were involved in a controversy surrounding the political implications of map design.

EMW and Partners

A 40 Years' Journey in Ecumenical Mission

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary EMW passed in review the ecumenical journey with a thankful heart. Simultaneously EMW was seeking orientation to face the challenges ahead posed by the changing landscape of Christianity worldwide. The partners were asked to share their experiences while working with EMW. Likewise, they shared their hopes and expectations for the continuation of the working relationship.

The international issue of the Jubilee book
The EMW was very grateful for the enlightening input.Therefore, it was decided to make those articles the core of this publication. Further texts were integrated on the history of EMW and its structure, as well as information on its work in process. Members and partners are introducing themselves.

But, collecting those elements took longer than anticipated. May be thas was a recurrence of 1977, when it was two years after EMW’s constitution was decided on that the actual work was started. Granting an insight into EMW’s present tasks, this book offers a glimpse into future challenges on the pilgrimage of ecumenism and mission.

You can download the complete book (or individual chapters) as PDF.

0 | Content
The table of contents of the book

1 | EMW at a Glance and Introduction
For the hurried reader here we briefly introduce the EMW and its areas of work.

2 | The EMW – History and Work
In this chapter the EMW, its history and its core work are described from the perspective of those, who are responsible at present for the work. Also represented here are the Academy of Mission in Hamburg and Bread for the World, two organisations especially important for EMW’s joint work in Germany.

3 | The Anniversary Celebrations
This chapter contains chosen contributions from the two anniversary celebrations of June 18/19 2015, in Hamburg and the EMW General Assembly of 23rd to 25th September 2015, in Herrnhut.

4 | Global. Continental and National Partners
A few months before its anniversary, EMW asked partner organisations to briefly present their work and to describe the experiences with and the insights of working with EMW. It was also asked whether and how this cooperation can be improved in the future. Due to the large number of responses from the partners, we present a representative selection in this volume.

5 | Voices of Companions in the Ecumenical Journey
This chapter contains a selection of voices from friends in the ecumenical world, who have accompanied the EMW the during various stages of its development.

6 | Overview of EMW partners
This chapter gives a systematic overview of EMW’s partners over the last six years. We had to limit ourselves to this short period of time, otherwise the list would have become too extensive.

7 | EMW Members and Associate Members
This chapter shows the EMW as the umbrella organisation for churches, mission agencies and missionary organisations. The member organisations present themselves in their own words. Associate Partners only cooperate in certain areas with the EMW and are not full members of the EMW.

The complete Jubilee Book as PDF (3MB): Download