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Cylindrical Equal-Area Projection: Peters- und McArthur Projection

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Cylindrical Equal-Area Projection: Peters- und McArthur Projection

Doublesided print, 1290 x 835 mm For shipment: map is rolled and packed in a cardboard box. Cost of shipment 8 Euros within Germany. Folded and packed in an envelope 1 Euro (within Germany), 3,20 Euro (within Europe)

[This map is under copyright. Do not print or copy this map. All rights by Kartographie Huber, Munich. info(et) . Infringement will be prosecuted]

Top oder Botton of a Sphere?

Five thousand years of human history have brought us to the threshold of a new age. It is an age typified by science and technology, by the end of colonial domination, by a growing awareness of the interdependence of all nations and all peoples. Such a moment in history demands that we look critically at our understanding of the world. This understanding is based, to a significant degree, on the work of map-makers of the age when Europe dominated and exploited the world. Surprisingly, maps still reflect that bygone era. The new map, the work of the German historian Arno Peters, provides a helpful corrective to the distortions of traditional maps. While the Peters Map is superior in its portrayal of proportions and sizes, its importance goes far beyond questions of cartographic accuracy. Nothing less than our world view is at stake.

Consider the characteristics of the Peters Map:

This new map shows all areas - whether countries, continents or oceans - according to their actual size. Accurate comparisons become possible.

Equal Axis

All North-South lines run vertical on this map. Thus, geographic points can be seen in their precise directional relationship.

Equal Positions

All East-West lines run parallel. Thus the relationship of any point on the map to its distance from the equator or to the angle of the sun can be readily determined.

Fairness to All Peoples

By setting forth all countries in their true size and location, this map allows each one its actual position in the world. In this complex and interdependent world in which the nations now live, the peoples of the world deserve the most accurate possible portrayal of their world. The Peters Map is that map for our day.

The Mercator Map

The traditional Mercator map is not compatible with objectivity, which is required in a scientific age. Two-thirds of the map is taken up to represent the northern hemisphere, while the southern hemisphere is compressed to the remaining one-third. The map distorts the world to the advantage of European colonial powers. "The North", in actual fact half as large as "The South", appears on Mercator maps to be much larger.

The traditional map was devised by Mercator in 1569 in Germany. It shows Europe larger than South America, which is almost double the size of Europe. It places Germany in the middle, even though it is in the northernmost quarter of the earth.

The traditional map is skewed to the advantage of the northern hemisphere, where whites have traditionally lived. The Commonwealth of Independent states (CSI) appears to be more than double the size of Africa, in spite of the fact that Africa is actually much larger.

The traditional map exaggerates the northernmost areas; as a result, southern areas seem small by comparison. Greenland appears to be larger than China, though China is actually four times as large. The traditional map distorts the world to the advantage of the coun-tries in which white people predominate. Though Scandinavia appears to be larger than India, India is actually about three times larger.

A Challenge

Looking on the world “up-side down” is a challenge, especially for Christians. As in reality Europe is – no longer – the centre of Christianty, but just “a province”, as the German Theologian Ernst Lange (1927-1974) once said. For a long time EMW was the only supplier of the Peters Projection in Germany and is proudly presenting a copy with both the well-known Peters Projection and a south-up version of Dr. Peters. This map is protected by copyright.

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