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Evangelische Missionswerk in Deutschland (EMW)

The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is a fellowship of Protestant churches – whether members of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) or Free Churches –, mission departments and associations supporting missionary, ecumenical and development cooperation between Christians in Germany and churches overseas.

The EMW has close working relations
with partners in all continents such as global ecumenical bodies as there are:
■ the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the World Community of Reformed Churches (WCRC)
■ continental, regional and national Church Councils and Christian Conferences
■ churches and church organisations
■ grass-root organisations and actors in civil society.

Cooperation in World Mission: Regional Desks
Working together for God’s mission calls for intensive dialogue with partners. The EMW has a number of regional desks responsible for relations with partners in various parts of the world and different areas of activity:
■ the Desk for Africa/Middle East,
■ the Desk for Latin America, and
■ the Desk for Asia/Pacific
They coordinate the work between Christians in Germany and churches and organisations overseas. They organize mutual visits, consultations and meetings to promote North-South exchange and make the voices and concerns of partners heard in Germany.

EMW‘s support for the partners
Funds from German churches are channelled via EMW to support mission programmes run by partners such as the World Council of Churches, World Bible Society, the Christian Conference of Asia and others. One major focus is on supporting theological education overseas.
Many smaller ecumenical organisations, Christian youth networks or projects aimed at improving inter-religious dialogue are assisted by EMW.

The Theological Education and Studies Desk
This desk provides accompaniment and support for ecumenical theological seminaries, colleges and associations of educational institutions in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Pacific and Asia.
It stipulates debates on mission and contextual theology, inter-religious dialogue and ecumenical issues.

Service for EMW Members
EMW facilitates discussion, mutual exchange and cooperation between its members, organisations and churches worldwide.
It administers „The Statement of Needs“ whereby German regional Churches fund divers programmes and project worldwide. EMW represents its members
at the German federal Government and counsels its members on legal matters.

Studies and Public Relations
EMW promotes interest in and a commitment to mission and to the worldwide Church among churches in Germany. Focussing on networking with
the world Christianity. EMW enriches church life in Germany with the experience and insight of Christians in other countries and promotes ecumenical dialogue worldwide.
EMW produces publications on mission and contextual theology, inter-religious dialogue, ecumenical issues, teaching material, series of books focusing on individual countries and areas, development issues and background information for those working on ecumenical topics.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.


Twelve mission agencies, five mission organisations, five churches and EKD are members of EMW.

: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mennonitischer Gemeinden

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mennonitischer Gemeinden in Deutschland (AMG) Mennonitisches Hilfswerk e. V.

Lautereckenstr. 10, 67069 Ludwigshafen
Tel. (0621) 54 54 914

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Missionarische Dienste (AMD)

Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 1, 10115 Berlin
Tel. (030) 65 211-1862
Fax: (030) 65 211-3333

Berliner Missionswerk

Georgenkirchstr. 70, 10249 Berlin
Tel. (030) 24344-123,
Fax: (030) 24344-124

Bund Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden K.d.ö.R

Johann-Gerhard-Oncken-Str. 7, 14641 Wustermark
Tel. (033234) 74-105
Fax: (033234) 74-199

CVJM-Gesamtverband in Deutschland e.V.

Im Druseltal 8, 34131 Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe
Tel. (0561) 3087-0
Fax (0561) 3087-270

Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft

Baliniger Str. 31A, 70567 Stuttgart (Möhringen)
Tel. (0711) 7181-0
Fax: (0711) 7181-250


Deutsche Evangelische Missionshilfe

Normannenweg 17-21, 20537 Hamburg
Tel. (040) 254 56-143
Fax:(040) 254 29 87

: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft

Prof. Dr. Henning Wrogemann (1. Vorsitzender)
Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel
Missionsstr. 9 a/b, 42285 Wuppertal

Deutsches Institut für Ärztliche Mission e.V.

Mohlstraße 26, 72074 Tübingen
Tel. (07071) 206512
Fax: (07071) 206510

Evangelische Brüder-Unität - Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine

Badwasen 6, 73087 Bad Boll
(07164) 9421-0
Fax: (07164) 942199

Zittauer Straße 20, 02747 Herrnhut
Telefon (035873) 487-0

Evangelisch-altreformierte Kirche in Niedersachsen

Eschweg 1, 49843 Uelsen
Tel. (05942) 419

Evangelisch-lutherisches Missionswerk in Niedersachsen

Georg-Haccius-Str. 9, 29320 Hermannsburg
Tel. (05052) 69-0
Fax: (05052) 69222

Evangelisch-lutherisches Missionswerk Leipzig e.V.

Paul-List-Str. 19, 04103 Leipzig
Tel. (0341) 9940621
Fax: (0341) 9940690

Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche

Ludolfusstr. 2-4, 60487 Frankfurt/Main
Tel. (069) 242521-0
Fax: (069) 24252129

Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland

Herrenhäuser Str. 12, 30419 Hannover
Tel. (0511) 2796-0
Fax: (0511) 2796-707

Evangelische Mission in Solidarität

Vogelsangstr. 62, 70197 Stuttgart
Tel. (0711) 63678-0
Fax: (0711) 6367866

Gossner Mission

Georgenkirchstr. 69/70, 10249 Berlin
Tel. (030) 243445750
Fax: (030) 243445752

Mission EineWelt - Centrum für Partnerschaft, Entwicklung und Mission der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Bayern

Hauptstr. 2, 91564 Neuendettelsau
Tel. (09874) 90 - Fax: (09874) 93190

: Morgenländische Frauenmission

Morgenländische Frauenmission

Finckensteinallee 27, 12205 Berlin
Tel. (030) 843 889 62
Fax:(030) 843 889 69

Norddeutsche Mission

Berckstr. 27, 28529 Bremen
Tel. (0421) 4677038
Fax: (0421) 4677907

Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene - Nordkirche weltweit

Agathe-Lasch-Weg 16, 22605 Hamburg
Tel. (040) 88181-0
Fax: (040) 88181-210

Vereinte Evangelische Mission

Rudolfstr. 137, 42285 Wuppertal
Tel. (0202) 89004-0
Fax: (0202) 89004179


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