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Evangelische Missionswerk in Deutschland (EMW)

The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is a fellowship of Protestant churches – whether members of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) or Free Churches –, mission departments and associations supporting missionary, ecumenical and development cooperation between Christians in Germany and churches overseas.

The EMW has close working relations
with partners in all continents such as global ecumenical bodies as there are:
■ the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the World Community of Reformed Churches (WCRC)
■ continental, regional and national Church Councils and Christian Conferences
■ churches and church organisations
■ grass-root organisations and actors in civil society.

Cooperation in World Mission: Regional Desks
Working together for God’s mission calls for intensive dialogue with partners. The EMW has a number of regional desks responsible for relations with partners in various parts of the world and different areas of activity:
■ the Desk for Africa/Middle East,
■ the Desk for Latin America, and
■ the Desk for Asia/Pacific
They coordinate the work between Christians in Germany and churches and organisations overseas. They organize mutual visits, consultations and meetings to promote North-South exchange and make the voices and concerns of partners heard in Germany.

EMW‘s support for the partners
Funds from German churches are channelled via EMW to support mission programmes run by partners such as the World Council of Churches, World Bible Society, the Christian Conference of Asia and others. One major focus is on supporting theological education overseas.
Many smaller ecumenical organisations, Christian youth networks or projects aimed at improving inter-religious dialogue are assisted by EMW.

The Theological Education and Studies Desk
This desk provides accompaniment and support for ecumenical theological seminaries, colleges and associations of educational institutions in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Pacific and Asia.
It stipulates debates on mission and contextual theology, inter-religious dialogue and ecumenical issues.

Service for EMW Members
EMW facilitates discussion, mutual exchange and cooperation between its members, organisations and churches worldwide.
It administers „The Statement of Needs“ whereby German regional Churches fund divers programmes and project worldwide. EMW represents its members
at the German federal Government and counsels its members on legal matters.

Studies and Public Relations
EMW promotes interest in and a commitment to mission and to the worldwide Church among churches in Germany. Focussing on networking with
the world Christianity. EMW enriches church life in Germany with the experience and insight of Christians in other countries and promotes ecumenical dialogue worldwide.
EMW produces publications on mission and contextual theology, inter-religious dialogue, ecumenical issues, teaching material, series of books focusing on individual countries and areas, development issues and background information for those working on ecumenical topics.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

Statement of Needs


In 1963 the ‘Register of Needs’ was compiled as a mutual programme by the regional Protestant churches and the Free Churches. Its focus is the promotion of various programmes and projects of churches and their representative bodies, both global and continental. Funds come from the EKD's member churches and the Free Churches.

The ‘Statement of Needs’ has the following priorities:

Worldwide Partners: In this area, mission-related programmes of the global church bodies such as the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation and the World Communion of Reformed Churches are promoted.

A further important sponsorship area is the World Bible Society, and the support of youth and young adult associations.

Theological Formation: Only through qualified education and formation and further training of the laity, clergy and teaching profession can the local churches and the ecumenical community meet both the local and global challenges of the present in a suitable way. This area of sponsorship therefore receives additional resources from the Church Development Service.

Continental Partners and Topics: Here the short- and medium-term plans of a wide range of our partners are in the foreground; for example ecumenical encounters, programmes on Christian-Muslim dialogue, and many others.
Through this support our partners and others should be enabled to respond to new ecclesiastical and missionary issues, but also to ecumenical challenges.

Public Relations and Education in Germany: Insights and experiences from across the worldwide mission should be so processed that they contribute to the strengthening of the common missionary responsibility of our parishes and churches i Germany.
The publications of the EMW fall for example under this department, as well as conferences on missionary and ecumenical topics, and educational events within this thematic area.

2013 Financial Balance Sheet
The balance in the Register of Needs amounted to 5,623 million euros, around 80,000 euros more than for the previous year’s budget, due to returned funds from unrealized projects or unutilized funding.
The additional means benefited the focus area of “Continental partners and themes” above all, in that individual projects of ecumenical sponsors received the chance of funding.
Additionally, we were able to marginally increase support to the always centrally important area of theological education.

The EMW works continuously at improving the handling of projects.
In the development of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) tools, we invest equally in personal capacity as well as in training and improvement of standards.
These are not meant to be directed solely at partner oversight, but rather, much more, at a mutual attainment of what can be angst-ridden project goals, via precise planning, accompaniment and evaluation (if necessary also through authorized third parties).

Financial Balance Sheet 2013:
The EMW’s work with the Register of Needs is detailed in the publication "Der Reichtum des Teilens" ("The Riches of Sharing"), which can be ordered from the EMW or downloaded here from the website.

It encompasses an overview of the assistance programmes, alongside individual examples of the range of support of worldwide missionary activities.

Financial Balance Sheet
Financial Balance Sheet


Expenditure by Programme Area

Public Relations and Education: €174.848

Continental Partners and Themes: €520.157

Theological Formation: €2.127.380

Worldwide Partners:

World Council of Churches: €730.000

Lutheran World Federation: €855.000

World Communion of Reformed Churches: €120.000

World Bible Society: €700.000

WSCF (World Student Christian Federation): €205.000

WAYMCA (World Alliance of YMCAs): €23.000


Partner agreements