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Evangelische Missionswerk in Deutschland (EMW)

The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is a fellowship of Protestant churches – whether members of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) or Free Churches –, mission departments and associations supporting missionary, ecumenical and development cooperation between Christians in Germany and churches overseas.

The EMW has close working relations
with partners in all continents such as global ecumenical bodies as there are:
■ the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the World Community of Reformed Churches (WCRC)
■ continental, regional and national Church Councils and Christian Conferences
■ churches and church organisations
■ grass-root organisations and actors in civil society.

Cooperation in World Mission: Regional Desks
Working together for God’s mission calls for intensive dialogue with partners. The EMW has a number of regional desks responsible for relations with partners in various parts of the world and different areas of activity:
■ the Desk for Africa/Middle East,
■ the Desk for Latin America, and
■ the Desk for Asia/Pacific
They coordinate the work between Christians in Germany and churches and organisations overseas. They organize mutual visits, consultations and meetings to promote North-South exchange and make the voices and concerns of partners heard in Germany.

EMW‘s support for the partners
Funds from German churches are channelled via EMW to support mission programmes run by partners such as the World Council of Churches, World Bible Society, the Christian Conference of Asia and others. One major focus is on supporting theological education overseas.
Many smaller ecumenical organisations, Christian youth networks or projects aimed at improving inter-religious dialogue are assisted by EMW.

The Theological Education and Studies Desk
This desk provides accompaniment and support for ecumenical theological seminaries, colleges and associations of educational institutions in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Pacific and Asia.
It stipulates debates on mission and contextual theology, inter-religious dialogue and ecumenical issues.

Service for EMW Members
EMW facilitates discussion, mutual exchange and cooperation between its members, organisations and churches worldwide.
It administers „The Statement of Needs“ whereby German regional Churches fund divers programmes and project worldwide. EMW represents its members
at the German federal Government and counsels its members on legal matters.

Studies and Public Relations
EMW promotes interest in and a commitment to mission and to the worldwide Church among churches in Germany. Focussing on networking with
the world Christianity. EMW enriches church life in Germany with the experience and insight of Christians in other countries and promotes ecumenical dialogue worldwide.
EMW produces publications on mission and contextual theology, inter-religious dialogue, ecumenical issues, teaching material, series of books focusing on individual countries and areas, development issues and background information for those working on ecumenical topics.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

  • Motifs from the current calendar of the Missionswerke. Please order here.

Downloads & Documentation

A limited number of articles and texts in English can be found here.

Environment Study on Ok Tedi Mining Project online

29.08.2016 | Solwara-PNG can be as dangerous as mining projects in the 90's

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Anti-Corruption and Pro-Transparency

30.06.2015 | EMW publishes "Framework Directive to Promote Transparency and Prevent Corruption

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"The Importance of Ecumenical Theological Education for Christianity"

11.06.2008 | Conference in Greece issues Press Release by WOCATI

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The Biblical Bases for Human Rights

25.01.2006 |

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General Secretary Retires

30.10.2005 | The Captain Leaves

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Letter of CCA

13.07.2005 | Christian Conference of Asia informs on current affairs

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Symposion "Bonhoeffer Lectures on Public Ethics"

13.10.2004 | The view from below - Some approaches from a German perspective

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A critical analysis on Pentecostal preacher and his mission

07.04.2004 | Study on the German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is available in English

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Churches from Germany and Japan consult

30.09.2003 | Spiritual riches in both surroundings should be rediscover

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Chinese Christians visit Germany

29.04.2003 | A delegation of the Chinese Christian Council were invited by the Asia secretary of the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions (EMW)

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Theological training for African community leaders

28.04.2003 | ATTiG-Programm (African Theological Training in Germany) will be continued in Hamburg

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Diamonds: Reason for War - Reason for Peace

26.01.2003 | Africa's Riches are not yet a Blessing - Christians warn of Blood Diamonds

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People in God´s Mission – The Sending of Personel and Cooperation in Personel in global Missions

26.09.2002 | General Assembly of EMW 2002

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The Licence to Trade

26.05.2002 | In Business for Mission - WEM celebrates 50th anniversary

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Towards a Theology and a Ministry of Reconciliation.

25.06.2001 | (Paper presented to the Mission Council of EMS, Stuttgart, 3. July 2001) by Rev. Dr. Klaus Schäfer. - "Since about thirty years we can observe that the term reconciliation has been exceedingly, almost explosion-like, drawn into public language, in ever new associations and applications. This interest in the term reconciliation is nourished from a yearning for peace, increasingly felt in a widely divided world, may it be in Europe or in other regions of the world."

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